About Corvo Project Management

Corvo Project Management delivers Scrum  certification training. Our training and consulting services come from a base of many years of experience. We practice what we preach.

Corvo Project Management also provides simulations that allow our clients to experience a month in the life of a project manager in one day, delving into the required day-to-day decisions and common issues you will face on every project.  Simulations help ensure you understand the practicalities of the profession.

Our owner, Mike Frenette, has presented at many different conferences and conducted many training courses of the last dozen years. A summary can be seen here. 

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Our Experience Shows

Michael J. Frenette, PMP, SMC, SDC, I.S.P., Owner, Corvo Project Management
Mike Frenette, PMP, SMC, I.S.P., Owner: 

"Corvo Project Management's staff  have many decades of experience delivering training and managing projects. We have learned best practices through the exhilarating celebration of big successes and projects where hard lessons are learned through dealing with tough issues, requiring careful and thoughtful leadership and management - something you will learn in our courses

Our in-depth experience is complemented by industry frameworks and best practices, such as those offered by  one of the largest training and certification bodies, VMEdu.  Our consultants are  SDC® and SMC® certified by VMEdu. They have experience in many industries including utilities, oil and gas, insurance, telecom, manufacturing and government agencies at federal, provincial/state and municipal levels.  

We give give back to the community by serving on industry organization boards and committees at national and global levels."

Mike blogs on ProjectManagement.com, and is often a "Headliner". He has been working with PMI.org as a volunteer since 1999, and highly recommends the organization and its certifications.


Corvo Project Management partners with several international organizations, including VMEdu (a global certification body), STS (a virtual experience training company) and Think it Project (an international consulting firm specializing in strategy, PPM and training):


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